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The 2021 version of the NBA trade deadline has now come and gone. Some deals were made and others weren’t. Some teams got better while others (purposefully) got worse. It is fun to talk about the trade deadline “losers” who stood pat, didn’t take the big swing, or didn’t get their expected return. We can laugh and point at their GMs and discount their championship potential.

The trade deadline signifies something bigger though. It means the home stretch of the NBA season is upon us. The dog days of winter are giving way to spring and we can see NBA…

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The 2020–21 NFL Playoffs once again proved that NFL teams are only as good as their starting quarterback. The final four teams standing this year were the Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Buffalo Bills, and Green Bay Packers. What do these teams have in common? A top-flight quarterback.

Having a top NFL signal-caller gives a team a real shot to compete for the Lombardi Trophy every year. If a team has one, they need to put the best players and coaches around them to help ensure their success. If a team doesn’t have one, the number one priority is…

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After hugging teammates, throwing up deuces to the fans, and FaceTimeing with Drake in the postgame, it seems like everyone, including the man himself, was convinced Kyle Lowry would no longer be a Toronto/Tampa Raptor after the trade deadline.

Then, a funny thing happened at 3 pm on Thursday. The trade never came. Some teams rumored to be interested in the point guard opted for their Plan B while others stayed put, refusing to pay the required price for the (probable) half-season rental.

Lowry turned 35 on trade deadline day so he’s not a long-term option for anyone. However, he’s…


We all dad differently. That’s the truth of being a father. We all bring our own personalities and our own strengths and weaknesses to the job. At the end of the day, we get the job done but we get it done in very different ways.

There are lots of jobs where people can find success with varied approaches. Take NFL quarterbacks for instance. We all know a bad NFL QB when we see one but, as the playoffs show us, there are a lot of good QBs out there as well. …


I’m not a hater! Really, I’m not.

In fact, quite the opposite is true. As the parent of two young children, I have embraced the media and pop culture that is made for them. I love movies like Sing and Moana. I’ve written about the best kids’ shows on Netflix that I enjoy watching with them. I even watched an NFL football game on freakin’ Nickelodeon this weekend!

One small positive that has come out of the pandemic is that streaming services are now sharing first-run movies on their platforms because movie theaters are closed. …

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As the pandemic drags on and fresh new streaming options like Tiger King and The Last Dance have faded into memory, many of us are turning to bingeing our old favorites. For some, that means rewatching old sitcoms like Friends or The Office. For others, it’s the work of your favorite directors or actors. And, for some, it means diving in deep to the world of writer-extraordinaire Aaron Sorkin.

Sorkin is widely regarded as one of the best screenwriters of modern times and has recently added directing to his repertoire. Most of his movies are available on Netflix (The Trial…

The realities of parenting in 2021 are such that young kids are probably getting more screen time than ever. In many cases, with parents working from home and virtual schooling, this is inevitable. While there are studies that illustrate the dangers of screen time, it can be a necessity for parents in many cases.

One of the best ways to minimize some of the damaging effects of screen time while also still reaping the benefits of not having your kids screaming in your face is to watch TV with them. The problem is, they probably don’t want to watch 90…

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Growing up, it wasn’t called the Mafia. It functioned the same as it does today and included the same types of people but no one spoke of it in these terms. It was just something you did. Something you were. Something you were born into. It was the family business and, when I was growing up in the 90s, business was good.

It wasn’t until the organization was mired in a decade-long decline that people really started calling it the Mafia. Times had changed. The leadership at the top was bad. The product that was being pushed out was bad…

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It’s in 2021. How many streaming services do you have? Netflix? Amazon Prime? Disney+? Hulu? Peacock? Apple TV+? HBO Max? CBS All Access?

Chances are you have at least one, probably several, and maybe most of these services. It can get to be way too much. With these services, you are paying at least $60-plus a month in addition to internet and any cable or streaming TV package you may also have. It all adds up quickly.

The way you justify it is, you need these for all the kids’ programming. It’s a pandemic, after all! …

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Dad. Pop culture junkie. Sports fanatic. New York-based professional freelance writer.

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